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Free Generation Movement - Tripoli Update

The Free Generation Movement are a group of young Tripoli residents that have been updating people of the situation in Tripoli for the past few months. This is their most recent update:

This is Niz and the rest of the FGMovement founders on a roof top in Free Tripoli setting up HQ. Will be resuming updates soon.

Not all roses yet in Tripoli my friends. We still have power cuts and we still have no water. We need a TNC statement on both, SOON. Some rumbles on the ground here in Tripoli over the water issue and mainly why there hasn’t been an announcement regarding rumours. Rumours being that water system has been poisoned. Problem is that water has been cut for days! We just need to hear that someone is working on the issue.

 Tripoli coming close to being 100% liberated. Still skirmishes in some areas. Sitll snipers. My cousin was shot in chest today. Recovering.

 Independence flags and speakers playing the anthem all over Tripoli. Anthem blaring over Ben Ashour as we speak… Wow! 

 FGMovement will be starting some projects to help with the stabilisation of the city and help with civil services. Stay tuned. We are weighing up possibility of calling for a massive rally in Martyrs Square to show our unity. What do people think of the 2nd day of Eid?

 Ok…back to setting up the HQ….updates will resume from Tomorrow inshallah. Great to see everyone here. God Bless Libya. Will soon be returning to account so be sure to add that account for further developments.

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